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DivasnDiamindz is driven by the fuel to help communities produce productive entrepreneurs our
organization aims to touch and transform the lives of people from diverse
backgrounds. Be it the youth, women, or the homeless, we aim to help everyone
embrace their significance and lead them to a path of self-sufficiency and independence.

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about our founder


Alisa Curtis is at heart a servant, having spent over 30 years in high-level staff support and customer service roles within established and executive-level large corporations. She is a hardworker who is a team-builder and a team-player, willing to assume responsibility for getting the job done. Prior to starting Divas N Diamindz, Alisa has spent years developing her vision of supporting those within the community that were indigent and in the start-up phases of their businesses. She understood the needs of the corporate world and the needs of the community and set out to form a viable response, dedicated to service. In her career she has worked for Kaiser Permanente, Rock River Water Reclamation, Salvation Army and Ayieko Center in an Administrative Assistant roles. 

Alisa specializes in business start-up coaching and computer training. She partners with individuals and organizations that specialize in leadership training and entrepreneurship to assist with the business and entrepreneurship mentorship alliance initiative she has created within Divas N Diamindz. 

Drawing on her personal experience where she and her family faced homelessness, Alisa has a depth of compassion where she can empathize with individuals facing a similar plight. Being that she herself was a recipient of services from a non-profit organization, which enabled her and her family to become re-established in a home, she began wanting to make a difference in her community. Her situation sparked her interest in paying-it-forward for other individuals and families facing homelessness or eviction. She created the initiatives, One Family At A Time, One Person At A Time and One Child At A Time , as branches of benevolence within Divas N Diamindz organization to help feed families, assist them in acquiring a permanent dwelling and enrich them with job readiness skills and business entrepreneurship to fuel them into a brighter, more established future ripe for individual and familial growth and thriving.

Alisa’s varied background as an assistant and working in the community has afforded her with excellent interpersonal skills. She is passionate about working with others and is always open to forming new partnerships and alliances that will further the benefit of the community-at-large.

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