COMMUNITY development • economic empowerment


 is a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization with a clear purpose of assisting people
in becoming successful entrepreneurs who can contribute positively to the success of others.

Driven by the fuel to help communities
produce productive entrepreneurs we aim to

touch and transform lives


we believe positive transformation leads to good success
We recognize the importance of empowering the youth with resources to transform them into benefactors for society and provide homeless people with a roof over their heads and encourage them on their journey to self-reliance.
We also help women in enhancing their creativity and become successful business owners.



We focus strongly on
these four pillars that define our mission:


We provide business education services to people of all age groups and serve the
community by equipping them with the weapon of knowledge. With constant training and guidance in the right direction, we help create the required foundation for successful entrepreneurs.

Transforming Youth Into Resourceful Individuals


We understand the indispensable role of the youth in sculpting the future and hence go above and beyond to help and act as a catalyst in the development of youth by imparting them with valuable resources. We also inspire them to become productive adults and entrepreneurs in the community.

Assisting and Empowering Women

We inspire and motivate women to utilize their creative minds and generate innovative business ideas. Our goal is to consult and mentor women from confusion to clarity and empower them with practical strategies that generate results and help them shape and secure their business.

Helping the Poor and Less Fortunate

We acknowledge the need to uplift poverty-stricken people by inspiring them to become self-reliant. We help homeless people by providing them a shelter and motivate homeless veterans to employ their skills and lead them to live a life of abundance-personally and professionally.


for impact

our 4 pillars vs current societal statistics


Percentage of businesses that end after Year 1


Percentage of youth at risk of failing to earn a decent living


Percentage of women who suffer from anxiety or some form or mental illness

Number of Homeless persons within USA on any given night

helping women with mental health
divas and diamindz georgia community support
divas and diamindz georgia community support

community initiatives

Reaching community starts one person at a time. Divas N Diamindz has launched initiatives that involve bringing solutions for homelessness, assisting women in wellness, bringing mentorship to youth-at-high risk and embracing start-up business owners with resources and support to assist with business sustainment. Find our more about our initiatives, including
One Family At A Time
One Person At A Time
One Child At A Time


At DivasNDiamindz, we accept donations in the form of clothing, automobiles, computers, fixed assets and more. We also accept financial donations online through our secure giving portal. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

partner / collaborate / volunteer
with us

It still takes a village to impact the community. We would love to hear your ideas about partnerships or possible collaborations. Please drop us a message and lets see about getting the ball rolling. We would love to network with you! If you are interested in volunteering as well, please let us know and we can assist you with your goals/needs.

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” Alisa Curtis is a beautiful being… Through her Spirit, knowledge and giving loving heart… She has help me obtain a business and a 501c3.  She was honored to assist me and continue to encourage me to excel. Thanks Alisa for your loving heart and willingness to help others be their Best.”

V. Mason


Has been working with communities, profit and nonprofit organizations for well over 15+ years, volunteering, participating and at one time being helped by them. This is when I believe she brought her vision to sight with “Divasndiamindz” wanting to give back, contribute and help others, but expanding the help in many other ways like, Governance and partnership resources in starting and running a business, business form assistance, and helping with developing entrepreneurial capacity of learning skills of the businesswoman. It has been an honor to have worked with Alisa and witness the development of Divasndiamindz.”

J. Suggs


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